Drumming 'Here and There'

Grade Level
K–3, 4–6


Audio file
Drumming of the Sosyete Dereyal 
Activity #1: Drumming Beats and Rhythms (K-3)
1. Distribute classroom hand drums to children and have them play a steady beat while saying a familiar rhyme such as "Engine #9."

2. Repeat the drumming activity at faster and slower tempi.

3. Listen to Drumming of the Sosyete Dereyal, and determine if the tempo is fast or slow. (A: Fast)

4. Listen again to the selection and play along with the drumming. 

5. Extend the segment by having the children improvise drum patterns that can be played alone or along with the selection.

Activity #2: Drumming Comparisons: Haiti, Japan, and Ghana (4-6)
1. Discuss/ demonstrate various world drumming traditions such as Taiko drumming of Japan and Ghana.

2. Listen to Drumming of the Sosyete Dereyal (#17), and find the beat. Determine that the meter is duple.

3. Have children show the strong and weak beats using body percussion such as clapping, patting, and stamping.

4. View YouTube samples to see Haitian folkloric instruments played in a contemporary setting. A folkloric drum ensemble of Haiti is featured here.

5. Listen again to the selection and compare the timbres from the Haitian ensemble with the timbres of the contemporary Haitian drumming ensemble, as well as those from Japan (Taiko) and Ghana.

Designed by Rita Klinger