Children's Singing Games from Scotland and Trinidad

Grade Level

Singing in the Streets — Scottish Children's Songs
In and Out the Windows — Garrynamonie schoolchildren
Caribbean Voyage — Brown Girl in the Ring
Round and Round the Village — La Plaine, Dominica schoolchildren

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Round and Round the Village

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In and Out the Windows


Activity #1: Form comparison
1. Sing and play the game.
2. Listen to first verse only of "In and Out the Windows" "Round and Round the Village".
3. Identify the number of phrase repetitions

Q: How many times do you hear "in and out the window"? 
A: Four times

4. Listen to "Round and Round the Village", and notice that the second verse matches the words of the first verse of "In and Out the Windows"

Q: How are these songs similar?
A: Second verse of "Round and Round" is the same as the first verse 
of "In and Out".

5. Write with the children the words of the first verse of "In and Out the Window" on the board. Label each phrase accordingly A A A B.
6. Listen again to "Round and Round the Vilage". As the children if they need to alter any of the words so that the form will remain A A A B.
7. Sing and play the game. 

Activity #2: Melodic recognition
1. Have the children sing the following descending major scale: d-t-l-s-f-m-r-d.
2. Listen to "In and Out the Windows", and have children raise their hands when they hear the high do that begins the descending major scale in the final phrase.
3. Have the children sing the solfege from the third phrase, beginning on s.

S s d' t l s f m m r r d

In and out the window as we have done before.
4. Listen to "Round and Round the Village" and find the similar descending major scale patterns.
5. Have the children determine which version of the game they choose to play.

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Designed by Rita Klinger and Patricia Shehan Campbell