Virginia And The Piedmont (Minstrelsy, Work Songs, And Blues)

( Rounder Records 2000 )
Part of the Deep River of Song Series
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These field recordings tell the story of African-American musical development in Virginia, the first home of slaves in North America, and in the Piedmont, where free blacks and whites made music side by side. Minstrel tunes, banjo songs, spirituals, work songs, and blues take us from the Reconstruction Era into the twentieth century and from the work gang to the concert stage.

1. OLD DAN TUCKER  (1:02) Golden Gate Quartet with Josh White

2. CORN-SHUCKING TIME  (0:57) Jimmie Strothers

3. JAYBIRD  (0:50) Jimmie Strothers

4. GEORGIA LAND  (1:21) Jimmie Owens

5. I USED TO WORK ON A ’TRACTOR  (1:22) Jimmie Strothers

6. WILD OX MOAN (2:13) Rollie Lee Johnson

7. BOLL WEEVIL  (1:40) Willie Williams

8. PO’ FARMER  (1:24) Lemuel Jones

9. FOX CHASE  (2:17) Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee

10. I’LL GO ON  (0:50) Joe Lee

11. I FEEL THE SPIRIT MOVING  (1:13) Michael Lewis and group

12. WE’RE ALMOST DOWN TO THE SHORE  (2:19) Jimmie Strothers

13. THIS LAND OF GEORGIA  (1:15) Joe Lee

14. CAN’T HIDE  (2:00) Unidentified group

15. NOAH AND THE FLOOD(3:32) Norman Haskins

16. RUN, SINNER, RUN (2:35) Golden Gate Quartet with Josh White 

17. TAKE THIS HAMMER (2:18) Jimmie Strothers

18. WALK DOWN, DEVILS (2:19) James Wilson and group

19. RAILROAD WRECK (1:25) Willie Williams

22. BITIN’ SPIDER  (3:58) Willie Williams and group

20. JOHN HENRY  (2:28) Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee

21. TIN CAN ALLEY (0:55) Ezra Lewis

23. PICK ’EM UP  (1:53) Albert Shepherd and group

24. PRISON BLUES (2:45) Robert Higgins

25. EVERY MAIL DAY  (3:18) J. Kirby and group

26. WHEN I LIE DOWN LAST NIGHT  (1:50) Blind Joe

27. WORRIED BLUES  (2:28) Sonny Terry

28. GOING TO RICHMOND (5:54) Jimmie Strothers