Alan Lomax - Popular Songbook

Rounder Records

The Alan Lomax Popular Songbook brings together for the first time the original field recordings of the best-known songs recorded by folklorists John and Alan Lomax. Later made popular by artists such as Moby, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Byrds, Eric Clapton, Steve Miller, Miles Davis, Grand Funk Railroad, The Beach Boys, Little Feat, Robert Palmer, The Animals and many more, these songs laid the foundation of the roots music explosion of the 1960s and beyond. Contains a previously unreleased version of one of the earliest recordings of ‘House of the Rising Son.’ 24 bit remastering by Bob Ludwig (CD, SACD) and Adam Ayan (SACD).

1. JOE LEE’S ROCK - “Boy Blue” (Roland Hayes), vocal and harmonica; “Joe Lee” (Willie Jones) guitar; Darnell Walker, drums. 

2. DO RE MI - Woody Guthrie, vocal, guitar and harmonica.

3. JESUS ON THE MAINLINE - James Shorty, Viola James and the Church congregation of the Independence Church in Tyro, Mississippi, vocals. 

4. MIDNIGHT SPECIAL - Lead Belly (Huddie Ledbetter), vocal and guitar. 

5. STAGOLEE - Memphis Slim, vocal and piano; John Lee “Sonny Boy” Williamson, harmonica; Big Bill Broonzy, upright bass. 

6. TROUBLE SO HARD - Vera Ward Hall, vocal. 

7. MOTHERLESS CHILDREN - Felix Dukes, vocal; Mississippi Fred McDowell, guitar. 

8. SOMETIMES - Bessie Jones with a group of children, vocals and handclaps.

9. BLACK BETTY - James “Iron Head” Baker and group of prisoners, vocals.

10. TAKE A WHIFF ON ME - Lead Belly (Huddie Ledbetter), vocal and 12-string guitar. 

11. DIDN’T LEAVE NOBODY BUT THE BABY - Sidney Lee Carter, vocal.

12. GOIN’ DOWN THE ROAD FEELING BAD - Woody Guthrie, vocal and guitar. 

13. ROCK ISLAND LINE - Kelly Pace and a group of prisoners, vocals. 

14. JOIN THE BAND - John Davis and the Georgia Sea Island singers, vocals.

15. SLOOP JOHN B. (HISTE UP THE JOHN B.’S SAILS) - Group of men from Andros Island, Bahamas, vocals. 

16. MAN SMART, WOMAN SMARTER - Macbeth The Great (Patrick McDonald), vocal; with Gerald Clark’s orchestra. 

17. UGLY WOMAN (IF YOU WANNA BE HAPPY) - Duke Of Iron (Cecil Anderson), vocal; with Gerald Clark’s orchestra. 

18. GALLOWS POLE (MAMA DID YOU BRING ME ANY SILVER?; THE GALLIS POLE; THE MAID FREED FROM THE GALLOWS) - Lead Belly (Huddie Ledbetter), vocal and 12-string guitar. 

19. ROSIE - Dobie Red and a group of prisoners, vocals. 

20. ALBORADA DE VIGO - Jose Maria Rodriguez, panpipes. 

21. THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN (RISING SUN BLUES) - Georgia Turner, vocal. 

22. IRENE GOODNIGHT (GOODNIGHT IRENE) - Lead Belly (Huddie Ledbetter), vocal and 12-string guitar.