Photo Exhibition in Genoa, Italy

September 9, 2015 | by

A photo exhibition entitled 1954-1955 Alan Lomax in Italia will be on display until Sunday, September 27th at the Palazzo Ducale, Spazio Aperto, in Genoa, Italy.  Organized by Laura Parodi and Goffredo Plastino, it features photos taken by Alan during his time in Italy.

Title: 1954-1955 Alan Lomax in Italia

Organized by: Laura Parodi and Goffredo Plastino

Place: Genova, Palazzo Ducale, Spazio Aperto

From September 12 to September 27

Opening: September 11, with Lara Parodi (La Rionda), Pierangelo Castagneto ( American University in Bulgaria), Goffredo Plastino (Newcastle University)

Genova photo