ACE at the Society for Ethnomusicology 61st Annual Meeting

October 26, 2016

Jorge Arévalo Mateus and Anna Lomax Wood will attend the Society for Ethnomusicology 61st Annual meeting in Washington, D.C., November 9th through the 13th. The Global Jukebox will be published on January 15th and Anna will be asking for feedback for a beta version from members of the Advisory Committee who may be present at SEM: Patricia Campbell, Judith Cohen, Todd Harvey, Anthony Seeger, Michael Tenzer, Philip Yampolsky and Lawrence Witzleben. Recent discussion on the SEM listserv has raised important questions about Cantometrics and its place in our discipline. Anna Lomax Wood and I are looking forward to friendly chats with our colleagues concerning some of these points, now especially relevant not only due to publication of the Jukebox, but to a resurgence of interest in comparative ethnomusicology. We plan to propose a special panel and discussion session to the SEM Organizing Committee for the the 62nd Annual Meeting in 2017. If you are interested in participating, please contact me at

Jorge Arévalo Mateus, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Originally posted: October 26, 2016