Sing Christmas

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1. Villagers of Cáceres, La Mancha: Christmas processional, Christmas Eve 1952
2. Merritt Boddie and Marigolds band: Christmas Machete, Gingerland, Nevis, July 1962
3. Norman Edmonds and the Old-Timers: Breaking Up Christmas, Hillsville, Virginia, August 1959
4. Sophie Loman Wing and group: All Night Long, St. Simons Island, Georgia, June 1935
5. Kelley Pace and prisoners: Holy Babe, Cumins State Farm, near Gould, Arkansas, 1942
6. Vera Ward Hall: No Room At the Inn / Last Month of the Year, Livingston, Alabama, October 1959
7. Phil Tanner: The Gower Wassail, Columbia Studios, London, 1937
8. Shirley and Dolly Collins: The Moon Shines Bright, from “For As Many As Will” (Topic, 1978)
9. 1959 United Sacred Harp Musical Association: Sherburne (#186), Fyffe, Alabama, September 1959
10. Villagers of Hío, Aragon: Buenas Entradas de Reyes, Hío, Galicia, November 1952
11. Bessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Island Singers with Hobart Smith, Nat Rahmings, and Ed Young: Yonder Come Day, St. Simons, Georgia, 1960. Preceded by 1962 discussion about the song between Jones and Antoinette Marchand. 

And the complete 1957 BBC broadcast of “Sing Christmas and the Turn of the Year,” produced and hosted by Alan Lomax. Songs and performers listed here (although we have edited out Lomax's performance of "No Room At the Inn" for reasons [primarily] of file size).