Let Us Not Praise Famous Men

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The Lomaxes are well-known for the recordings they made of artists who went on to become famous and influential figures in traditional and popular music alike: Lead Belly, Bessie Jones, Woody Guthrie, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Muddy Waters. But there are countless wonderful singers and players in the Lomax collections about whom we know next to nothing or nothing whatsoever, and this episode focuses on some of them, with music from Memphis, Cajun Louisiana, Morocco, Sint Eustatius, Romania, and two songs from the Mississippi Delta (one by way of Detroit).

1. Unidentified woman: All Power Is In His Hands. Recorded at the Coahoma County Agricultural High School, Coahoma, Mississippi, July 1942.
2. Cecil Augusta*: Crawford's Jump. Memphis, Tennessee, October 1959.
3. Sampson Pittman with Calvin Frazier: I Been Down the Circle Before. Detroit, Michigan, November 1938.
4. Unidentified: Strigaturi. Dragus, Romania, August 1964.
5. Alice Gibbs: Jerusalem Cuckoo (I Am A Donkey Driver). St. Eustatius (Statia), 1967.
6. Unidentified: Cajun mazurka. Kaplan, Louisiana, 1934.
7. Unidentified Amazigh man: Al-Hamdulillah (Thanks Be to God). Aguelmouss, Ouarzazate, Souss-Massa-Drâa, Morocco. September 1967.

*The man long misidentified as "Cecil Augusta" has, since this episode was released, been identified as Augusta Crawford! An article piecing together the few discernible details of his life is forthcoming in 2020.