ACE's Commitment

New social movements are confronting archaic notions and ideologies of race, class, gender, and identity. They demand justice for people too long denied basic human rights and equal access to quality education, employment, and representation. ACE rejects the racism, disparities, and disavowals that have buttressed structural imbalances, blocked access to resources, and denied acceptance and celebration of human diversity. We keep on learning as we grapple with how to best support the expressive practices of under-recognized and under-served communities endangered by social, economic, and ecological crises and cultural extinction. 

We work hard to create channels of equitable cultural access, opportunities, and ownership for peoples of all backgrounds. 

ACE is committed to reflexive examination of its practices and policies, and is open to dialogue on any issue. We believe that transparency and clarity are more necessary than ever. ACE will:

-ACE Staff, and Board of Directors, 2020