Songs of Christmas album cover

Edited by Matthew Barton
Recorded from 1954-1964 by Alan Lomax, Joan Halifax, Peter Kennedy, Almas Sliste; and including a 1940s wooden horn recording from Dutch World Radio Notes by Matthew Barton and Ellen Harold

The ultimate Christmas compilation from the collector who never made it home for the holidays because he was out seeking the music and revelry that epitomized the old Christmas and New Year spirit that was close to his heart. Mummers, wassailers, and carolers; bagpipers; hymns, lullabies, plays and good luck rituals from England, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Romania, the Caribbean, and the United States. Vera Ward Hall’s heartfelt and intimate “No Room at the Inn” and “Last Month of the Year” are the centerpiece of this recording, which also includes selections by Bob & Ron Copper, Ewan MacColl, Seamus Ennis, the Alabama Sacred Harp singers, the Georgia Sea Island Singers, the Putipú Band of Capri, Norman Edmonds and the Symondsbury Mummers, and many more. The album comes with extensive liner notes, photographs, and complete translations from the Spanish, Italian, Latin and Irish.

Songs of Christmas may even restore your faith in the mystery of the season itself.” —Roy Kasten



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